Armstrong launches single section pumps

เกจวัดถังแก๊ส has launched a new version of its Design Envelope pump to serve mild obligation installations the place the available power is single part.
The new Design Envelope pumps are available for use with single part energy (200-230V) from 1/3 to 2hp and are built to a design normal carried over from commercial pumps. In addition, as a outcome of the mechanical room piping for light-duty fluid-flow applications is often put in vertically, these new single-phase pumps can be installed and operated in vertical piping.
As with all Design Envelope pumps, the technology is constructed around a demand based mostly clever control solution that models equipment and system behaviour, monitors actual system situations, dynamically adjusts tools operation to match system demand and is designed to provide high levels of vitality efficiency and low installation and working prices.David Lee, program manager, Product Development, Armstrong Fluid Technology, said: “Many light-commercial and residential buildings use single section energy and a few mechanical rooms ‘step down’ three phase power to make single section power available. These new pumps provide a sensible and economical answer for those installations.”

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