Bag snatcher bagged

CHALONG: A 16-year-old punk recently found out the hard method that crime doesn’t always pay. At about 11 pm on June 7, Chalong Community Volunteer Police collared a boy name Ouan (not his real name), after an unsuccessful try to rob an 18-year-old woman late at night. The victim, Phuket Vocational College pupil Primrita Saisen, was returning house by motorcycle alongside Chao Fa West Rd when she noticed a boy on a bike following very shut behind. Riding pillion on her bike was her youthful sister, identify and age not reported. Despite the late hour and her responsibility to protect her young sister and the presence of a mysterious man driving unusually shut behind them via the darkness, what did she do when her Samsung i700 cell phone rang? She answered it, after all. Seeing his intended prey with only one hand left for controlling her bike, the spikey-haired young thug knew it was time to pounce. He pulled up alongside, leaned over and snatched the phone right out of her hand. Perhaps emboldened by the benefit of that manouver, he didn’t fly off as most snatch-and-run specialists do. Instead, he decided he also needed for himself Primrita’s shoulder bag and its contents. Complete yanked it hard, but Primrita fought again, tenaciously refusing to let go. Not surprisingly, the high-speed tug-of-war shortly caused both motorcycles to crash onto the road exterior the Wiroj Gold Shop. A split second later, a pickup truck “travelling at high speed” smashed into Ouan’s 125cc Honda, leaving it a crumpled wreck on the tarmac. Primrita screamed for help – and it didn’t take long to reach. Members of the Chalong Community Volunteer Police soon had the boy beneath control. Under questioning, Ouan confessed to having previously carried out three similar snatch-and-run crimes in Chalong Police District and four or five extra in Phuket City Police district. Chalong Police Inspector Pol Lt Col Chokchai Suttimake mentioned the boy faced costs of snatching aggravated by inflicting bodily harm and utilizing a vehicle to commit the crime. Were Ouan Printable

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