Commuters requested not to flick hair on the BTS Skytrain

Here we go once more. Commuters on the BTS Skytrain with long hair have been asked to chorus from flicking their hair as a end result of there’s a danger it will hit the faces of other commuters, particularly throughout rush hours, the BTS Skytrain operator says.
Several commuters complained about passengers flipping their hair on the prepare and, on occasion, by chance hitting the faces, eyes, or mouths of others.
Commuters with long hair are really helpful to carry the top of their hair after they enter or walk previous other commuters, to hold up a friendly atmosphere while utilizing public transportation.
During rush hours, when many people are pressured to stand close to one another, some passengers revealed they’d experienced someone’s hair being brushed across their face, however admit they’re hesitant to say anything.
Back in April, BTS Skytrain had requested passengers to keep away from crossing their legs whereas sitting on the train throughout rush hours.
SOURCE: Off the record

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