Illegal taxi gang accused of misusing public house in Khon Kaen

In an incident which has caused friction, an unlawful taxi gang has been discovered allegedly commandeering public space in entrance of a serious shop in Khon Kaen Municipality. A man within the group had set up cones to stop public automobiles from getting into, claiming it was solely for taxi use.
The alarming activity came to gentle in a popular Facebook group “Khon Kaen has checkpoints. Notify helpful information.” A member posted photographs and a criticism which confirmed a roughly 50 12 months outdated man from the group blocking the public and autos from the realm in the vicinity of a big department store in Khon Kaen Municipality. An accompanying message revealed additional particulars suggesting a local authority, supposedly, had auctioned off this public area to the rogue taxi operators. A contentious declare that folks had paid to be taken care of by a boss was also mentioned.
Further questioning revealed that only sure recognised cabs have been permitted to park. In addition, they famous which automobile number plates had been parked close by, and questioned individuals about their locations in an try and call for a taxi. A registration for cabbies caring for individuals was additionally reported, KhaoSod reported.
This motion sparked bewilderment among the general public, who lodged quite a few complaints. It prompted the relevant police to research whether or not this was a false claim or a genuine misuse of energy. Officers from Khon Kaen Municipality and Khon Kaen City police have been dispatched to check the grounds.
Upon Best selling , it was confirmed as an unlawful taxi stand set up in contravention of laws. Although no one’s id was evident at the time of the operation, authorities seized steel signs, signs on wheelbarrows, and wooden chairs fixed to the sidewalk curb. This transfer aimed to prevent rogue people from fabricating stories, misleadingly asserting that the taxi stand area was legally acquired or permitted by the Khon Kaen Municipality and Khon Kaen City police. Such fraudulent claims incurred injury to authorities agencies..

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