Satellite-based system displays crucial operating situations at remote water sites

Because เกจวัดแรงอัดกระบอกสูบ are located in distant areas that lack mobile, internet and telephone service, Sensaphone offers the SAT4D satellite-based monitoring system. The system monitors up to four crucial conditions 24/7, including tank floats, turbidity, pump standing, security, power failure and gear malfunction, at areas corresponding to pump houses and wells.
When a sensor falls out of the preset vary, the system notifies people through phone call, e mail or text message. This early warning of a attainable downside helps to guard useful property and stop costly downtime. Operators can access status data and make programming modifications via Sensaphone’s devoted web site.
The SAT4D system is self-powered and can function for over three years on its replaceable battery in temperatures ranging from -22 to 140 °F (-30 to 60 °C). Each unit is sealed in a weatherproof, locking NEMA-4X enclosure to protect it from harsh conditions or vandalism. GPS know-how pinpoints the situation of the monitored gear.

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