Select the right Casinos Online

There are many web sites online that give online casino. These casinos match the wish to enjoy casino when you are seated in the house. It becomes difficult to select best place among so many gambling dens. To test on this type of websites, first thing that they can ask an individual to join up. … Read more

Pressure sensor with I�C communication ? possibilities and boundary conditions

I�C was designed to communicate over short distances between printed circuit boards and is really a simple, 8-bit serial data bus. For the time being, it isn’t only PCB-mountable pressure sensors that use the I�C signal for data transfer, but also pressure sensors remote from customer electronics.Remote sensors will often have the benefit of being … Read more

Memorial concert: Marvellous listening experience

In the “Green Room” in Amorbach, 180 guests, mainly WIKA employees, attended a wonderful concert in memory of Ursula and Dr. Woozy . Anne Luisa Kramb and Nuron Mukumi harmonised beautifully.Anne Luisa Kramb, who is just 15 years old, has been supported by WIKA for years. In Nightmare to receiving numerous awards, this exceptionally talented … Read more

Strap-on thermometer or screw-in thermometer? Temperature measurement of pipelines

Temperature is by far the most common measurand in the industry. However, there are no general solutions for temperature measurement. Even when designing measuring points on pipelines, many different factors for selecting thermometers must be taken into account. The following aspects are crucial for deciding whether a screw-in thermometer (invasive method of measurement) or a … Read more

Unscrupulous: Faking the website of WIKA China

Trademark pirates won’t even stop at faking a website in order to distribute counterfeit products via the internet. WIKA has now also been affected by such criminality – under the domain, a company from Shanghai faked the homepage of WIKA China.Faking the website was publicly denounced with Plagiarius disgraceful awardThe company’s Trademarks & Patents … Read more

Pressure measuring system against fugitive methane emissions

Whether in the chemical industry, in petrochemical companies or in the processing of crude oil and natural gas: Numerous processes contain methane, which also damages the climate via fugitive emissions. Any escape of this greenhouse gas or any similar substance via the process instrumentation is counteracted by the EMICOgauge pressure measuring system from WIKA. This … Read more

Electronic pressure switches: Many setting options

Like their mechanical counterparts, electronic pressure switches are primarily considered for simple control tasks. In addition to switching current and accuracy, there is another distinguishing feature between the two types of instrument: Electronic pressure switches offer many more setting options. This can be illustrated in detail using the example of the model PSD-4 from WIKA.Mechanical … Read more

Typically the Gambling den Betting Lady luck

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Accuracy vs. switch point accuracy of electronic pressure switches

Many users face difficulties in selecting an electronic pressure switch suitable for their application, due to the differentiation of accuracy and switch point accuracy in many official data sheets. Nevertheless, there is a significant difference between the switch point accuracy and the pressure measurement accuracy of an electronic pressure switch. This should be considered when … Read more