PM urges concentrate on values-based schooling to spice up Malaysia’s international competitiveness

In a latest speech, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim emphasised the significance of elevating schooling standards based mostly on core values and virtues to create educated individuals with sturdy ideas. He cited the need to draw strength from religion and instil confidence, values, and virtues in schooling, just like efforts in different international locations.
Anwar additionally highlighted the significance of using the nationwide language because the official language and language of information, in addition to focusing on elevating the discipline of knowledge to compete with different nations. He urged Malaysians to treat this as a collective movement rather than specializing in a single determine.
Basic ’s speech adopted a play titled “Cikgu Anda,” which was impressed by Anwar’s contributions to the sphere of training. The play aimed to highlight the work of Yayasan Anda Akademik (YAA), a personal educational institution founded in March 1971 by a gaggle of local college graduates, including Anwar. The establishment focuses on helping students, particularly these in rural areas and fewer lucky backgrounds, to additional their research.
Produced by Persatuan Alumni Yayasan Anda Akademik Malaysia (Payaam) in cooperation with Persatuan Melodi Kenangan Artis dan Penggiat Seni Malaysia (Pemekar), the play tells the story of a group of poor students who wrestle with their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examinations however are determined to proceed their research at the Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia level with the assistance of YAA. Anwar, as a co-founder of the foundation, can be portrayed as a teacher in the play.
In the foreword of the play’s programme, Anwar expressed his appreciation to the whole manufacturing team for his or her efforts in bringing the story of the foundation to public attention. He also acknowledged the foundation’s origins, which stemmed from the notice of youth and student leaders from various Malaysian universities and educating colleges..

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