Spirit or doll’s house? Foreign woman goes viral for Barbie doll photoshoot in northern Thailand

Thai netizens have been amused by a viral clip of a international lady snapping a pic of her Barbie doll inside a spirit home exterior the White Temple in Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand on Monday.
Profit – which appear to be miniature temples – are found in abundance all over the kingdom and are supposed to appease ghosts by giving them a place to live in order that they don’t hassle haunting individuals. You’ll find them outdoors workplaces, shopping malls, larger buildings, and private houses – adorned with choices like Strawberry Fanta, snacks, and marigolds for the spirits.
TikTok consumer @nataleexangel posted a five-second video of a lady of Western look inserting her Barbie doll inside a spirit house next to the doorway of the famous Wat Rongkhun, or White Temple, with the caption, “Noooo!!”
Although spirit homes continue to play an integral function in Thai society, most netizens had been fortunately entertained somewhat than offended by the Barbie doll’s photoshoot.
Netizens commented…
“I’ll wait to listen to about this on The Ghost Radio.”
“Barbie desires to travel abroad, too.”
“The foreigner might be pondering, why are there so many dollhouses in Thailand?”

In May last yr, Thai netizens thought it was hilarious when a foreign lady mistook a spirit house for a table and sat down on a stool.
Surrounded by Strawberry Fanta, the girl was blissfully unaware of the Thais around her paying their respects to the spirits.
Thais online made gentle of the situation…
“The foreigner mentioned, ‘Thai folks have such good manners, all of them have Wai-d to me as they walked past!’”
“I’m simply glad the foreigner didn’t suppose the purple Fanta was for her.”
“Ain’t nobody going to inform her? Haha.”
“If you don’t know, it’s not incorrect.”

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